Anisachen, bracelet


Taking inspirations from raw stones at its most natural state, ANISACHEN finds beauty in vibrant hues and irregular shapes. Using Gold and Silver, the brand aims to enhance and provide functionality and aesthetic with every unflattering finds. Every Anisachen product is unique, sensual, a statement piece and hand made.

Polished, organic, vibrant and rare are just few of the Brand’s preferences when it comes to choosing carefully its finds. From delicately sliced Tourmalines, Lapiz and Opal shell. Each has different characters and telling a very unique story.
Each design is inspred by the stone’s unique aesthetic, while keeping the Brand’s vision of creating elegant statement jewelry. A mixture between eclectic and art pieces, which are wearable and exquisite.
Since most of the stones are different in shapes and sizes, each piece is meticulously and carefully crafted by hand to ensure quality and certain standards. These local artisans have years of experience in the jewelry industry.